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Tobias Mangani CEO (left) 

Kelvin Chundu CFO (right)


"My name is Tobias Mangani and I have worked with Zambia's Scholarship Fund for 15 years, helping thousands of Zambian students progress through High School and Tertiary education. For the last few years we have been dismayed that many nurses graduating though the system have been unable to find work and have had to go back to their villages and become subsistence farmers. This is extremely demoralising for the students and calls into question the value of education. We were keen to act on this and set up this agency to help unemployed students find work in the UK. Helping them fulfil their dreams and also helping them sustain themselves and their families back home."

"I am Kelvin Chundu, a qualified chartered accountant and a member of the Zambian Society for Chartered Accounts. I worked with Zambia's Scholarship Fund for 10 years and, like Tobias, I was struck with a need to do something better to help unemployed but qualified nurses find work and fulfil their dreams. I live with my family in Kasama, my wife, Beauty is a qualified and employed nurse and I am well aware of the skills she brings to the job and the good she is able to do for society."

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