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Qualified but unemployed Zambian nurse
looking for employment in the UK?

Job Seekers

We are a specialised agency helping UNEMPLOYED Zambian nurses to find work in the UK's National Health Service (NHS).

We are based in Kasama in Northern Province and run by Zambian nationals.

We work through NHS Professionals  (a UK agency that is part of the NHS) to provide Zambian nurses with an opportunity to work in the UK.

The NHS is the UK's largest employer with over 1.3 million employees. It needs more trained health professionals to care for its patients.  Could you be one of these?

If you can you say YES to ALL of the following, apply today?
  1. I am a nurse registered with the The General Nursing Council of Zambia 
  2. I got over 30 A's and B's in all modules during my three year training
  3. I have recently qualified or been unemployed for over 6 months
  4. I scored a Distinction or Merit in my Grade 12 English
  5. I don't have TB
  6. I don't have a criminal record

The next steps -

Once we receive your application form, we will review and verify the details you give and let you know if you have been short-listed to be put forward for an online English test.

You need to achieve a very high score in this reading, writing, and listening test to be put forward for a further paper based English test.

If you score a high mark in this test, we will offer you a place on a coached English course with a view to taking a final IELTS English exam in 3-6 months' time. The course will take around 4-600 hours of study time to complete.

You will need to pass the IELTS English exam at level 7, a requirement set by the UK NMC, (Nursing and Midwifery Council) in order to be able to apply for a job with a UK Health Board.

Following a change by the NHS Boards we work with the English course and the IELTS tests will now have to be paid for by the candidate. Kafwa will arrange the course and tests and make no money from either activity. Kafwa can offer to find you a loan to pay for these expenses if you are unable to fund them yourself.

If you are offered a job at the interview, the NHS Boards are currently agreeing to pay the following expenses for you:

  • Passport application

  • TB Check

  • Police Check

  • Visa Application

  • Travel to UK

What you pay for - 

  • You will have to fund English lessons and an IELTS English test. If you already have an IELTS Certificate at level 7 you will not have to do this and can apply directly

  • You pay Kafwa no fees and no expenses

  • NHS rules prevent applicants from paying agents - only the employer pays us for finding you

Submit your application form and start your journey to the UK today!

Click the button below to fill in our online application form or send your CV to Once submitted, one of our recruiters will contact you to confirm if you have been short-listed.

Regrettably the WHO has placed Zambia on their Red List. This means countries like the UK are no longer recruiting from Zambian agencies.


We are working with our contacts to try and find a solution to allow trained and qualified nurses and midwives who can not find work in Zambia to be able to go and use their skills elsewhere in the world.

Please be patient with us as we may have no good news at all in 2023.

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