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Helping qualified unemployed Zambian nurses find work in the UK

If you are an unemployed Zambian nurse looking for a job or a UK NHS Health Board looking for staff -

Here at Kafwa, we specialise in helping qualified unemployed Zambian nurses find work in the UK National Health Service (NHS).  If you are an unemployed nurse, look no further. We will guide you through the selection process and, best of all, if you are successful in selection, your expenses will be paid and you won't have to pay a penny. Our agency is paid by fees from the NHS Health Boards.

This means even qualified nurses from the poorest backgrounds can apply.


What makes us different?

Recent News

Our Zambian nurses in Inverness are now working hard to pass their English exams, a pre-cursor to taking their NMC conversion exams.

Aug 2022


Our first three nurses from Kasama have arrived in Scotland to start work in the Scottish NHS. Congratulations to all three as they start a new life in the UK.

May 2022

We seek to strengthen the Zambian Health system -

Here is how we do it:

Of the fee the UK NHS Board pays for each nurse offered a job, 

a proportion, sufficient to cover our costs, is paid to Kafwa.  We then:

  • Pay a bonus to the nursing college who trained the nurse - strengthening their capabilities for the future.

  • Fund a scholarship program designed to train new nurses - ensuring Zambia has all the nurses they need for the future. 

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